Recommendations on case? (Air flow)

Hey all, building a new system and need to choose a good case for my GTX 670/3750k/Z77 Extreme4 rig.

I don't plan on water cooling, or overclocking, but I will have an aftermarket cooler Hyper 212). I do plan on adding a second GTX 670. Do I need a full-size tower like the HAF Storm Trooper or HAF 932? I do like the look of the Corsair Graphite 600T, but I'm unsure if I can fit everything in it? Would the air cooling of the 600T be sufficient for my build?
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  1. i also like the look of the corsair 600t case,i will add a link for a review,i often watch that guy review gear on you tube,if i was buying a full tower i also like the NZXT switch case
  2. I just finished a build for a person that wanted the White Corsair 600T for his case. The case is huge. And heavy. You won't run out of room. And the two 200mm fans plus 120mm rear fan that come stock provide more than enough air flow. It was my first experience with the 600T, and I have to say I'm impressed. A really well designed, well built case.
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