Realtek Drivers Not Showing Headphone and Line Out As Seperate Outputs

I have an MSI GT60 Laptop with Realtek Hd Audio Drivers installed, I currently have my headphones plugged into my headphone jack but assigned as front speaker out in the Realtek manager and I have my speakers plugged into my front speaker output. My intended goal is to be able to control my headphones and desktop speakers separately using asio4all for virtual dj but realtek is combining my two outputs into one. Here are some pictures to show my current setup , any help is welcome and if you need more information just ask and i will reply promptly.

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  1. Forgot this and when i switch the playback option so it looks like this so any assistance is helpful.
  2. so if I understand you, you have two ports assigned as front speakers and wondering why they have the same output?
  3. No, even when i assign one as front speakers and one as headphones they don't show up separately, when i uninstall the realtek drivers they show up as two separate devices in my playback devices ( ). And when i install the realtek drivers that came with the laptop it combines those two outputs into one and doesn't allow me to distinguish between the two different outputs. My question is how do i manipulate the drivers to allow realtek to see the two outputs as two seperate devices?
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