i have an dell optiplex 745 and i recently purchased this


my system is

cpu intel core2 2.40ghz

4gb or ram
500 HD sata

when i install the graphics and connect my monitor which is a dell 17" older model of a flat screen monitor,
i hook it up to the graphics and the monitor just goes black, but the computer keeps working even i can hear the sound of the computer when it logs in, but no display so its not the graphics or the computer, i think it might be the older monitor but i am not sure? can anyone help me?
i currently have 512MB NVIDIA GeForce 8400 .
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  1. do you have a 2nd card to test it with?

    There is also usually a setting in the Dell BIOS that forces the computer to use the onboard video and you might have to switch it to 'PCI-E' or auto detect

  2. Or the card might just be bad, happened to my church's computer Wendesday, black screen even though the tower was running, and swapping in another card fixed the problem.

  3. well i have another computer i can test it on i will try that right now see what happends the other computer its a dell optiplex gx620
  4. i have the same problem with the other one it doesnt display anything,
  5. I think the card is bunk, then...
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