Should I leave the auto to cool or not?

I have 6 fans in my case but......
I have an idle on an HD5970 of around 48C. When I play a demanding game I get a max of around 82C - 85C.
I have 2 questions to ask...
Should I manually put the fan to say 100% when playing a game?
Or should I just leave the software to decide?
Please suggest :)
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  1. Those temps aren't abnormal, but they are a little bit high. You don't need 100%, but a custom fan profile that just runs it a bit higher might be a good idea.
  2. generally leave the software to decide.
    Those temps are high, but not dangerously high. Perhaps look into putting the case in an area where it can breathe easier, and make sure that it is not recirculating warm air into the case. Also, consider redoing the thermal paste as it may be dry and causing your temp issues, or getting an aftermarket GPU cooler to help calm things down.
  3. look into MSI afterburner (wait... I think that is nVidia only) or similar software which can make custom fan profiles that will help automagically adjust your fan speeds.
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