Need help with displayport stuff please

I have an Asus HD 6670 that I'm trying to connect my monitor to with a displayport adapter.
Here's the card-
Here's the monitor-
Here's the adapter-

Windows is making that "connect" and "disconnect" sound over and over, as if I were plugging in and unplugging it repeatedly.
My onboard card works fine (hd 4200) and the DVI output on the 6670 works fine, I'm thinking the problem may be with the displayport adapter. it says it's active and on the box it says it uses the displayport "usb power" to power it...

Please halp :V need eyefinity

EDIT- It works perfectly fine up until the Windows welcome screen, after that it screws up.
Also, now the DVI port is not working even though it's been working fine since i got the card a week ago. So i have an unusable PC.

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  1. Alright... I broke down and bought a Displayport to vga adapter at my local tigerdirect. i can log into windows and set up eyefinity, but when i try to start a game it gives me the same issue as before. strangely enough i can play H.A.W.X. without any problems...
    i tried crysis, bioshock, HL2 and related steam games, need for speed most wanted, need for speed hot pursuit, and gta iv. all of them don't work

    BTW my configuration is this:
    dvi output to vga monitor
    displayport output to vga monitor
    hdmi output to dvi monitor
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