PC freezes when playing any game

My pc has been freezing when playing any game about 5-10 min into playing. Back in November I bought a new card (Gigabyte Geforce GTX 560) and it worked fine for a couple months. I reformatted and then started noticing this problem. After reformatting again (getting rid of the linux partition I had) I was still having the same problem. I thought it was an issue with the card because looking at some of the user feedback I had noticed some with the same problem. So, I went and got a new card, this time a EVGA Geforce GTX 560 Ti, and same problem. I read on another thread that this issue is usually caused by 1 of 3 problems, a driver issue, a memory issue, or a PSU issue. I know the drivers are fine because I have the most up-to-date drivers from Nvidia and I also tried a few older version just to be sure and same result every time. I just finished a memory diagnostic and everything was fine there. That leaves the PSU. Mine is an Utra 650w PSU which meets the min requirements for the card, but I suppose 650 is still low for high end cards these days. However, before I run out and possibly buy unneeded hardware for the second time, is there any other reason this could be happening? Below are my specs.

Processor: AMD Phenom x2 3.2Ghz processor
RAM: 8gb
Graphics: EVGA Geforce GTX 560 Ti
PSU: Utra 650watt
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  1. I've had Ultra PSUs before. Ultra has really good customer service and really bad PSUs. They look pretty too...

    I say PSUs (plural) because I bought one and it died and the replacement died and the replacement died... I lost a couple of GPUs and a mobo too. Lifetime warranties are great when the PSU is a quality one.

    The last PSU they sent me was a 650 watt model. I put it into a computer I put together of parts I had laying around... It went on Craigslist and is now someone elses problem.

    Get a PSU from a reliable manufacturer... Corsair, XFX, Seasonic, Antec, PC Power and Cooling. There are more good ones but my brain doesn't have room for all those brands. When in doubt check out jonnyguru dot com for PSU reviews. I'd get at least a 600 watt PSU for your rig.
  2. I think PSU causes your problom. You should better get from good brand antec, seasonic, corsair, xfx etc with power watt 500 good enough.
  3. Soooo... new PSU.. same problem.
  4. The PSU fried your equipment... Start by swapping out components...
  5. Everything runs fine unless I do anything that relies heavily on the graphics card. At any rate.. I have a new mobo and processor on the way. And for the record, your referring to the old PSU right?
  6. Correct. I think the PSU fried your GPU... It happens
    The Ultra PSU (more like a POS Unit) I was talking about earlier popped capacitors on both cards of an SLIed set of GTS 7600 s. That made me angry...
  7. There are a variety of things that it could be other than what you have listed. I just had a problem with game crashing that was driving me insane because I couldn't figure it out , Untill last night. I had even gone so far as to get the new Samsung 830 ssd thinking it would solve my issue. It did not and what it was is that the SSD was pluged into the sata 3 port on the motherboard which was controlled by the Marvell chip. I pluged it into the sata 2 port controlled by the Intel chip and now there are no issues and the game is running fine. Except for the fact that I have an expensive sata 3 SSD connected to a sata 2 port. Lousy Marvell chip! :fou:
  8. The Marvell chip on my Asus P8P67 Pro crapped out too. Asus is not taking care of me either on the return...
  9. We will find out if my GPU is fried or not tomorrow. I'll have my new mobo and processor.. and hopefully that fixes the problem. It would suck to have two dead Geforce 560's lying around my house.
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