I'm trying to find this game i played when i was little...

Hello, i'm trying to find this games i played when i was little,it was like a car,and it was like this car that you could feed, and brush its teeth then you could go out in the town and you could the car a paint job and i think when you went to the town it was a circel,and there was the fire house with the fire truck that i think would wash your car idk its been a awhile since i played it.but i think your car could get a flat tire and stuff. but you would do different missions and one was like to befriend a dog,and i think the car is purple? it was like in 2000 when i played it....
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  1. Not sure if serious or trolling hard.
  2. This is plenty serious

    I was looking for this game for many years...


    I found it:




    But I just forgot the game is so gay
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