Replacing Internal Laptop Wireless; Which card do I buy?

Hey guys!

Haven't replaced an internal Wireless Adapter inside a Laptop before.

Laptop is a G62-340US, and the current adapter is an Atheros AR5B95.

OS: Win7 64bit

This looks perfect, has the right screw holes, same number of pins, 2 spots for the antennas.

Is there any reason this card wouldn't work in this laptop? Any kind of compatibility things I should be looking out for?


As far as the actual replacement goes, (I expect Win7 will find my drivers for me, but just in case, this is for someone else and I don't want to pay restocking fees hehe) will I receive drivers with the adapter? Will Intel have these on their website if not (don't have time to look myself, but I will if someone knows if they'll be included)?

Any special notes on replacing it, I see I undo the screw, take the antennas off, pop it out. Repeat in reverse with new.

Thanks guys!

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  1. I would personally prefer to see what the actual product is by looking further at this page

    and stick to a direct replacement of the original. I have some spares here and one which came from an HP - a dv6000 I think - has the "Replace with HP Spare {number} on the label.

    If your existing one is an Atheros AR5B93, get another of the same - it's easier in the long run.

  2. Where's a good place to get one of these? The only places I find an AR5B93 is on a couple cheap looking websites and Ebay. I was hoping to get something decent and new to replace it with.

    What kind of complications are we talking about when going with the Intel?
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