XFX HD Radeon 7970 Won't Display

Hello All,

Hopefully you'll be able to troubleshoot this issue, I built my new gaming PC got everything running perfectly, and made sure everything would be compatible then one day I turned it on everything is running but nothing will display on my monitor is stuck in sleep mode, I made sure the graphics card was seated into my motherboard and made sure all cables are connected, the wierd thing is I substituted the graphics card with my old one and it runs perfectly, I hope that the graphics card isn't defective, I also cleared the CMOS to see it would help but didn't, I now have the Graphics Card sitting in the my Computer in Slot 2 and my AMD Driver CD can't recognize it. My Specs are
Processor-Intel i7 3930k 3.60Ghz
Graphics Card-XFX HD Radeon 7970 TNBC
Memory-8Gbs(X4) Corsair Vengenace 1600Mhz
Motherboard - ASUS Rampage IV Extreme
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  1. sorry to be the bearer of bad news bro, but it looks like you got a lemon of a card. Contact your manufacturer's customer support. Pretty sure they will jsut tell you to box up the card and ship it off to them. These kinds of things typically only take a week to get a replacement - so you will be up and palying games in no time ^^

    That XFX 7970 is a powerful beast :D
  2. Well it was an amazing 2 days of playing games on it I guess hopefully I can get it replaced seeing that I got it off eBay
  3. Shouldnt be a problem - these cards come with... i cant remember if its a 1 year or a 2 year manufacturer warranty
  4. Okay thanks Frombehind, btw nice pic
  5. Another question, If I caused the Graphics Card to stop working, what could be the causes? my specs are at top, I know for the Radeon 7970 the Minimum PSU is 500w i have 700w but I also have about 6 LED Fans going, etc once it gets fixed I'd rather not blow it again if it was my fault, Next time how can i check the Graphics Card temperature, I read my Motherboard temp and it was at a solid 26 Celsius
  6. Something like that seems to be a manufacturing defect in the card itself - I dont think you can do anything about it either way... even if you wanted to.

    As far as the fans go... all together, they consume about 60-90 watts of power.

    Graphix card tempreture can be reported by any benchmarking software avaible on the net. Sandra is my favorite... but there are dozens of others.
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