CPU 100% use then hard freeze

I forgot to mention I have ran several virus and malware scans with AVG and malwarebytes, I also uninstalled avg and installed avast just to be sure It didn't miss anything
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  1. Hello, I have had a reoccurring problem with this computer since I built it a year ago. The problem being It would lock up randomly and I would have to restart it. This happened about every day or two for the first little while I had the computer and then it seemed to go away and I could go weeks or over a month without that happening.

    I had assumed it was the graphics card drivers because it stopped happening around the I changed the driver but recently I added a CPU and a GPU monitoring gadgets to my desktop. I am almost always playing a game of some sort so i never say the CPU monitor when the computer from until just the other day when it locked up when I was on the desktop. The CPU had jumped up to 100% from around 20%-50% on all 4 cores. which leads me to believe it is a CPU problem now. I still am not sure though, I spend so many hours trying to figure it out I just gave up and dealt with it.

    Also my computer has started randomly deselecting the current application, when im gaming it will swap back to the desktop and ill just have to tab back in and while im browsing the internet i just have to click on the page again. I don't know if its related or not but I figured I would add it on here since it only started happening once the computer started locking up all the time.

    Windows 7 64bit
    Asrock H61icafe motherboard
    GTX 460 1Gb
    8Gb of Gskill sniper ram at 1600
  2. Scan for Viruses.
  3. What is the process that makes it run at such a high %?
  4. If you have windows 7 press ctrl+alt+delete start task manager go to the performance tab click on resource monitor at the bottom then CPU tab. The first process in the list of processes should be the culprit. When you figure that out post back here and maybe someone can help you out more.
  5. I cant tell because it will freeze and i will have to push the power button to restart. I only noticed this once because im never just sitting here with no programs open, it just happened to freeze in that short time i was on the desktop.

    I forgot to include this in the first post but occasionally just after i restart my computer core 1 will run at 80%-100% and not just for starting up applications and processes on start up, It will stay using that much CPU power until i reboot. I checked task manager processes and resource monitor and there was nothing using over 1% cpu power.
  6. By any chance do you have Lucid Virtu MVP installed?
  7. I do not
  8. Download Autoruns, run it and post a screenshot of the logon tab. Also list your PC specs (enter dxdiag into the start menu and note down pertinent info) and what antivirus tool are you using?
  9. Autoruns:

    I am using AVG

    when I ran DxDiag i got these 3 errors:

    And I added Specs to original post
  10. thanks for the help tonight everyone, im going to bed ill check back in tomorrow around 6 or 7 PST when I get back from work
  11. There is a lot of crap loading up. Untick Java, Quicktime, the Apple and Adobe stuff. Also untick LogMein and the Cisco startup entries (why are those there?) I can't see any obvious malware. For Dxdiag, uninstall your old GPU drivers, run Driver Sweeper (not the Guru3D one, its old), install latest drivers, reboot, install latest DirectX, then reboot. Then run dxdiag again.
  12. I unchecked most of the unnecessary stuff and replaced of the old version of driver sweeper with driver fusion. Then cleaned off old nvidia drivers and re installed them.

    Ill let you know if i have any more problems, unfortunately I don't know of any way to replicate it so it may take some time too see if it will happen again.
  13. If your computer is freezing up at 100% it could be over heating. Download Prime95, and Core Temp and run a stress test on the system. Let this run for about an hour.. if it will. If the computer freezes and locks up instantly then we know that it is something with the hardware. During the program open up task manger and verify that the CPU is running at 100%. (Core Temp does this too but may be a little difficult for a newbie to read.)

    Let me know how this works!
  14. just ran prime 95 and got 0 error and 0 warnings and CPU ran at ~65C(within 2 or 3 degrees depending on the core) instead of the average 30C that it runs at.

    I haven't gotten any hard freezes in a couple days, but i also haven't been able to be on my computer much either, ill let you guys know if it happens again
  15. Update:

    No hard locks yet, but im still having issues with the current application deselecting, while gaming it switches to desktop.
  16. tygannas said:

    No hard locks yet, but im still having issues with the current application deselecting, while gaming it switches to desktop.

    That usually happens if something in the foreground needs attention. Check to make sure the gaming .exe is allowed (or not) to rule out Windows firewall (or whatever firewall you use), then check to make sure nothing visible is stealing focus.
  17. how do i prevent windows from stealing focus, everything i have found says that the registry fix doesnt work anymore
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