Replace, fix, or use stock?

Hey guys

quick info:

building new computer , using some old parts from computer in 2008.

I am getting a CPU AMD Phenom II X4 965. I also have a Freezer Pro 7 from arctic cooling from 2008 that was used on an intel chip. I assume it would fit since their website has the newest model and it says it fits the new chip.

I started looking where I put the computer (I took it apart and stored it) when taking it out and cleaning I dropped it by accident.

here are some pictures of the damage and some of those pins are looking weird not all same color so just wanted the communities opinion on what I should do with it.

use some pliers to straighten them out? or just use the stock fan that comes with new CPU? or buy a 30$ cpu fan, Keep in mind I am trying to keep this build on the cheaper side.

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  1. The pictures are not showing up so I would say that if you are going to overclock then you need to buy a new heatsink and if your not then use the stock cooler.
  2. thanks, forgot to check thought they would 'clear' it, just fixed them.

    well if it can be fixed with just pliers I would like to use it, I am assuming this cpu cooler is better than a stock one. I might be doing some OC, just by a tiny bit but nothing to extreme.
  3. You could get a "radiator comb" to straighten the fins, you could even attempt to use pliers. If using pliers, be careful (goes without saying) and double check to ensure there is clearance between each fin. I'd at least attempt to straighten it and continue to use it...
  4. it looks like you busted open a heatpipe or two...if thats the case you should def just throw it out and get a new cooler...a good cooler to get would be the cooler master hyper 212+ or EVO....both are really good coolers and very cheap
  5. Drums is right, if a heatpipe is broken or damaged, it will not perform well at all. I'm not so sure about the heatpipe being broken though, I think it's just a strange angle and the way the heatpipe was originally crimped and soldered. I could be wrong but I did try to look at that in the pic...
  6. I think the Heatpipe is supposed to look like that way it clamped. but there a sign of oxidation (change of color) because aging, my concern more with the fin. if the bent broke the solder that connecting the heatpipe and the fins. Then The fins are good for nothing.

    It still work but as performance as all other old/aging parts it will suffer some performance drop.
  7. thanks for the information , I can try taking further pictures with better lighting.

    and rdc you are right, after straightening the fins, I am able to wiggle them slightly which means they have broken though their soldering to the heat pipe.

    I guess I am going to replace this, since I don't want dropped performance or the chance for this to not to work and end up with over heated cpu.

    I will for now, use the stock cpu fan coming with the chip and order one like how drums linked.

    thanks all for the wonderful help and advise.
  8. People usually around here recommend Cooler Master, Hyper 212 variant (+, Evo, Tx.)

    But since u already had custom cooler. I'm sure u had your own preference :D
  9. that's totally fine. you can straighten out the fins and just leave the heatpipe like that, it will not affect performance. clean it with a metal polish and it will shine like new :)
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