Worlds fastest desktop computer processor

can you please tell me the world fastest desktop pc in 2012 full specifications reviews images please help me i have to put it into my assignment

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  1. Your assignment? Are you asking people to do your homework for you?
  2. Do your own research.
  3. yeah i need your help i am trying to find it but i am not finding it . so i need a link or description . i thought this forum is for our help . but u guys are not helping me but just teasing me and MR you should do your work or just dont comment. thank
  4. Lol this is to funny! This is honestly really hard to explain because to me I feel like this can go so many different ways. Are you asking for the best gaming rig? video editing computer or what? or just CPU?
  5. The fastest desktop that I have built so far is with a i73770K that I overclocked to 5 GHz by using liquid cooling. I also used an Intel SSD. Thanks. Jacob Jacobi
  6. Dear Hussain:
    I have the fastest computer ever. Check this website and see:
    Good luck with your homework.
    Bipen Kumar, M.D., Ph.D. FACS. FRCS. FRACS.
  7. Hussain:
    I think you can build the fastest computer ever. Check this website that is where I work: We build the fastest computers in the world !!!
    Shalom. Jacob Jacobi P.E. Ph.D.
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