Completely Stumped boot issues


Last night I turned off my PC from my windows partition, everything went normally. Today I turn it back on and the monitor does not receive a signal, now heres where it gets weird, I have two partitions and the default one is Linux, it successfully boots into linux, showing everything as completely normal, even though the BIOS screen or the GRUB Bootloader screen doesn't show up on the monitor. I can even boot into windows if I click down on the keyboard at the right time, but no monitor just sounds.

All beeps and such are as usual.

If something was damaged I shouldn't be able to successfully boot into linux correct?

I have tried reseting the BIOS, swapping ram, and searching for answers but I haven't found one that was dealing with something this specific.

Any Ideas?


DP35DP Motherboard
6950 AMD
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  1. I would say may be is partitation table or boot sector on window is corupted...

    If for me I will try Hiren' Boot CD to mini Window XP and run may correct the problem...
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