Problems with the Realtek 8111E.

For a few weeks now my internet has been really slow and I did manage to figure out that it is the Realtek 8111E onboard nic. I notice it when are internet went from 10Mbps to 20Mbps. I wasn't getting the full speed and notice that the nic was only running at 10Mbps. I remembered getting a windows update to update the drivers which I did and that caused it to stay at a set 10Mbps. So I roll backed the drivers and it went to 100Mbps which did make the 20Mbps work. The problem is that things like torrents, installing games from steam, and other downloads download at 2.5MBPS like they should but the load time for webpages and online games are very slow or don't load at all. To get a webpage to load I have to refresh it 10 times and games like League of Legends time out a lot or lag. Anyone have any info that could help me?

Other info about my pc.

Windows 7 OS.

Asus M4A87TD/USB3 motherboard

If you need anymore just ask.
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  1. Are you downloading torrents and playing games at the same time?
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