New computer build, graphics card DOA?

Hey everyone. I just got all my parts today for my computer. I plugged in everything, and the test build was fine. Graphics card revved up, processor humming, etc..

When I put everything in the case with wiring, after a few hours of tackling with wires, I was ready to press the power button. All the fans fired up on everything... except the graphics card.

Now, even when I disconnect other components, change PSU cables, the card doesn't start up. What do I do?
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  1. does you card need a power connector giev name and model of graphic card and specs of other components psu cpu motherboard memory
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    did you plug in the auxilary video card power cables?

    Should be the 8pin / 6pin cables that go into the card...

    And, what is the wattage of your power supply?
  3. 750 watt. I got the card to start up and everything, everything starts up, it's just that I see no bios splash screen when the computer starts up (it's connected to my TV through HDMI). It just says no signal.
  4. Radeon 7950
    Corsair 750 watt CPU
  5. what is your mobo?
  6. are you definitely on the correct tv input (assuming there are multiple HDMI in options)?

    do you have any other spare monitors you can test with?

    any bios beeps? do you notice an initial rush (max fans) for a moment, then everything clams down and the computer sounds like it is booting up?
  7. Sorry, it was getting late at night, I fell asleep.

    Yes, I am using the correct input.

    Good idea with testing with a monitor! I have a monitor, but not a DVI cable. I'll pick one up, and test with a monitor. Don't TV's have input lag when switching inputs?

    I don't have a mobo speaker. I know they're cheap, but I doubt I can buy one. There is no initial fan rush, they stay at a constant speed when booted.
  8. Have you set the TV to the correct input using the OSD (On Screen Display) menu ?
  9. Yes, I am using the correct HDMI input, and my TV is using that input. It either says "no signal" or "check input cable". I'm assuming, then, that the Smart TV is programmed to ignore computer booting?
  10. yea, sorry to say... it looks like you have a DOA card... The way I know for sure with my systems is I keep on hand an old 3xxx series radeon that i got a few years back for like 15 bucks - If the PC boots just fine with another card, then you know thats what it is for sure. If not - well, then you have bigger problems.
  11. Thanks everyone. It turns out I was missing a power cable.
  12. no worries mate, Ive done that myself a few times :D
  13. i also made a error on my first build
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