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Hello, I'm currently trying to upgrade my video card to help it run Star wars the old republic better. Here are the specs i'm using now

As you can see i'm using the 8800gt. I can run the game alright(not well) doing normal questing but when I get into any group things (pvp isn't doable) it gets to be too much. I really don't have a big budget so i'm trying to get the best bang for my buck. I tried to do some of my own research but I had a hard time trying to figure out what was compatible with my PC. So if somebody could point me in the right direction as far as what I can put in my computer then I could look for myself as well.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Omg, whats up with all these people needing to get a new Video Card within 2 weeks of NVIDIA Kepler Launch. ah if you need a video card on the fly and want to run ah.... Star wars, if you wanna run star wars with a new graphics card, your gonna need a little more power supply, and a GTX 560 or just get a 7750, you won't need a power supply if you get a 7750.
  2. Not even sure what Kepler is tbh. Also, are you referring to the radeon 7750?
  3. The Kepler is Nvidias new card that is do to launch. Nvidia series now is the 5xx and the new Kepler is the 6xx series. With what you have I would get the 7770 which would run the game you want.

    Any higher of a card you might have to up grade your PSU. Here is a link to the HD 7770. It showed the you would need a 450w PSU but it boils down to what is on your PSU's 12v rail

    You would need to look at the PSU and look on the sticker and write down all the numbers that look like this 3.3v = 14a +5.v = 10a + 12v = 14a the 12v rail or rails you might have two.

    The 7770 uses 84w on the load side so on the 12v you would need to have at least 9 to 10 amps to be safe on the PSU you have now. The third link shows 7750 vs. 7770. I hope this helps and Good luck to you.
  4. Thanks for the help. Unfortunately I forgot to mention that I've upgraded my PSU sometime ago. I'm using Does that open up any more options for me? Thanks again.
  5. cavyness16 said:
    Thanks for the help. Unfortunately I forgot to mention that I've upgraded my PSU sometime ago. I'm using Does that open up any more options for me? Thanks again.

    Well the bad news is the new PSU you up graded to is on the list of do not use because they are very bad. But the good news it will still run the 7770 but don't put to much stress on your PSU.

    I will link you the list of PSU's. Tier 1 is the best and Tier 5 is the worst. Your PSU is on Tier 5. My PSU is so bad it didn't make the list. Anyway you look at it you will spend around a $100.00 to $150.00 for a GPU.

    That is the avg going GPU. You could just look around and wait untill a manufacturer is running a sale. Or wait untill the Kepler comes out and see if the prices come down from the AMD side.

    If you think that this is high then look into a 6770 I think they are around $100.00 or so. I will link that to you as well. I hope this helps in some way and I know it isn't the best news either. Good luck to you.

    The third link is the spec's on the 6770 In my other post above I gave you the link to 7770 vs 7750. So if you compaire the two you will see a lot of differences.
  6. Dang, that's no good. Unfortunately I can't really afford to replace that and the GPU right now. Do you think that I could get away with the Radeon 7750 using this PSU? I figure that will give a good performance while also not putting my PSU at too much risk.
  7. Yes it will work but don't do any over clocking. You don't want to stress out that PSU but it will work and that card is uses low power anyway.
  8. Yeah I did a comparison with the 7750 and my current card(Nvidia geforce 8800 GT). It turns out my current card uses a lot more power than the 7750. I'm probably going to end up purchasing the 7750, thanks a lot for the advice I really appreciate it.
  9. Hey no problem just glad to help. Good luck to you.
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