Pc noob looking for help €800 - €1000

I no a bit about computers but not enough to know things like the best components for you're money, my budget is €800 to €1000, I live in Ireland and not sure what the best place to buy online from is. The lower the price the better please. I like to game but only things like minecraft, I was looking at the ivy bridge and I think that would be good since I want my pc to future proof. I was also looking at the radeon 7770, in the future I would like to play bf3 and more games like that, so I would be willing to get another in crossfire configuration. I have extreme OCD so everything has to be ascetically pleasing :P I don't want a an big beefy CPU cooler so I have water cooling in mind.
Any help is better than no help,
I thank you in advance,
Eoin :D
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  1. I need the whole lot BTW including monitor mouse key board
  2. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/261222-31-build-advice <---- copy & paste this on here please with links to any sites you will be purchasing from.
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