Questions about upgrading CPU on an Intel H57 Mobo.

Hello community.

I'd like to bring up a question about my CPU. Before I do so, I will list the current specs I have.

CPU: i3-550 3.20ghz LGA 1156 (Clarkdale)
MOBO: Intel H57
RAM: 8gb G.SKILL Sniper Gaming Series 8gb (4 x 2GB) 240pin DDR3 1600
GPU: Nvidia GTX 580
PSU: Kingwin 1050W
HDD: Western Digital 1TB (not sure on speeds)

This computer I built myself over many years since money is tight. The Question I have today would be this.

Recently I've been looking about reviews on the i5-2500k vs i7-2600k. Since I know that my board is LGA 1156 and both of these processors use LGA 1155, I am looking for an alternative that is equal or slightly under the performance of the i5-2500k. Over time gradually looking for a new CPU I found two alternatives. Below are the links to the CPU's.

i5-750 3.2ghz LGA 1156 (Lynnfield)

i5-760 2.8ghz LGA 1156 (Lynnfield)

Now to the final question, I appreciate you reading up to there. :)

The question is that, since my CPU at the moment is the i3 (Clarkdale). Will I have any issues trying to install either of these CPU's in my motherboard? I realize that there is another i5 for the LGA 1156 on, but it is only a dual-core, which wouldn't upgrade my performance at all. Either way, please get back to me. Thank you for your time.

Also, the Intel H57 mobo might not be correct. This was pulled up with CPU-Z, but when I search around google, it looks nothing to what I have. My board has dual channel memory, 4 slots, pci-e 1, and pci-e x16. Just thought I'd mention that, thank you.
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  1. Socket is the same and if the future CPU is supported by the motherboard(it should be) then you simply take old one out and put the new one in. Don't forget to clean the old thermal paste before applying new one
  2. thank you very much, I just wanted to make sure I was correct before ordering.
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