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Sorry if this is posted in the wrong forums, I am just curious if anyone has any info on how computer part prices are dictated. I.e. are they based on quality or just the demand for them or what ? The reason I ask this is cause i put a list together 3 days ago to build a personal gameing pc and it was around 1.6k and and today its drpd to around 1.3k not counting the tax shipping and extended warrantys i plan on getting on the mobo cpu and gpu since their the most expensive to replace if something happens.Or is their a good time to buy parts like a after certain quarter when new stuff is released ? I'm just wondering if i should buy now since it dropped what i consider a good amount or should i wait to see if it drps more ? lol

Any opinons or info is much appreciated
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    Their price are based on what prices are always based: supply and demand.
    A few years ago when there was a natural catastrophe on Thailand or whatever it was the HDD prices jumped due to low supply but high demand. When some new GPU card comes out the prices are steep again because of low supply and high demand.
    You can notice the same thing with all others things you buy especially gas/diesel. Their prices vary a lot due to constant wars/peace breaking out/being made on the middle east.

    By the same rule when something new comes out the price of the old stuff tends to drop to get rid of stock. Or if you know about a hardware store that's about to close you can usually get good deals. Some companies also lower the prices at the end of the year or before getting new shipments
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