New build - was I supposed to buy a wireless adapter?

So I've just finished building my new computer. i7 3770k, gigabyte z77x-d3h, 8g vengeance, amd 7850, 128gb crucial m4 ssd in an antec 902 + h80 cooling. Glorious!

Anyway, I finished installing windows 7, ran the drivers dvds from gigabyte and sapphire (for the gpu) but when I go to network connections it has no option to connect to my home's wireless network.

It has been many years since I built a computer.. perhaps this is a dumb question.
I thought nowadays all the motherboards had wireless network adapters inbuilt?
Was I meant to buy some sort of USB dongle or something??
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  1. no, you do have to buy a wireless adapter to fit into a pci/ pci-e x1 slot, or get a long ethernet cord and run it to the modem.
  2. Darn, I wish I had known..
    I could have taken the £30 or so for a network adapter and upgraded the motherboard to one with wifi already on it like those z77 Asus ones.
  3. cheaper to get an adapter, like 15-25$ or a lot more to get the feature on a motherboard, and many ones (even z77) dont come with it all the time.
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