Purple display freeze-up???

sometimes my screen will turn purple........weird static sound through my speakers. and have to do a hard reset. (sometimes surfing the web so i know its not stressing the gpu) i have a 560 ti, maybe 3 months old did a bit o' googleing and came up with the nvidia purple screen of death, saying my card needs to be rma'd ............. Total bs???? any input would help
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  1. What driver you use ....use the one come with the card or download the newest from the web.... and on waht program it most cause problem...
  2. i have the latest drivers, and it happens surfing the web, gaming, or just on my desktop. so it has nothing to do with a program ******* it up
  3. it happened to me just the other night and im using the gtx 560 so the same model as yours. I got the most recent driver for it there was a new one just this week it never happened before i updated it.
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