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Hey Guys,

I've just unearthed my old nintendo 64 and was struck by the realisation that I don't actually own a TV, I've been browsing online to find some way to use my computer display to play and realise that the obvious solution is to just buy a Composite -> HDMI converter, however in the interest of not having to unplug a monitor every time I want to play I was wondering if a device exists which will allow me to plug my N64 into a USB port via some sort of adapter and view the display through my computer, like as another application window?

Thanks guys,

(I put this under TV Tuner Cards as I need to pick a sub-section and it seems to most appropriate place)
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  1. (unless you want to buy a USB TV tuner) There are USB video capture devices but they are pretty flaky.
  2. TV tuners have composite video inputs?

    I always assumed it was an output...

    and assuming I can get one for <$300-$400 then I'm actually happy to do that
  3. OK. You didn't mention the insane budget LOL. Go buy a tv. lol.

    Anyway blame it being 2 am and my slow phone editing. We always hooked our (original Nintendo) up with the RCA to RF cord that came with it. reading fail.

    If you have a composite to HDMI converter( that actually works, those composite to HDMI cables wont) why not just get an HDMI switch?
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    Sigh... this is not my night. Now I am mixing up component and composite. must sleep. So if it is composite it would work with a TV tuner with said composite to RF adapter.

    This might work, but these always seem to want to have issues.

    And with that.I give up trying to confuse people for the night
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  6. I ended up getting one of these, apparently its the best as far as compatibility with linux goes.

    Thanks a lot for you help
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