Will gtx 550 ti fit in my motherboard

Will the gtx 550 ti fit my motherboard , i previously had a gt 8400 which almost fit.. Do you think the 550 ti will fit ??
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  1. which motherboard do you have?
  2. How to check ??
  3. on the motherboard there will be written name of the mobo.:)
  4. download cpu-z and check in the 'mainboard' tab
    http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html (on the right side of the page)
  5. do you think by upgrading my graphic card (NVDIA GTX 550 TI) i can play games like mw3 , bf3 , gta4 , crysis 2, farcry 2 ?? and all those awsome games ??
  6. Your cpu would bottleneck the graphics card. Can you overclock?
  7. u mean i can't fix the graphic card perfectly ?? ? ..and yup i overclock
  8. after overoloccking also it will bottleneck a bit in cpu dependent games you should go with hd 6770 that will be a good choice for your system.:)
  9. what exactly do you mean by "bottleneck " and can i play games like bf3 mw3 with the hd 6770
  10. and whats your monitor resolution?
  11. literally u mean i can't fix it :/
  12. tell me a good graphic card which can play games like mw3 , bf3 etc and fits my motherboard and should be less than 165 $
  13. the hd 6790 will be the best choice for you i think after overclocking it will be fine too run that card with a bit of bottleneck but that doesnt matter a lot the hd 6790 is better then gtx 550ti so go for it you will be happy with that gpu and it will be a good performance boost to your system goodluck.:)


    u can see there the hd 6790 out performs the gtx 550ti in many cases so it would be a good upgrade.:)
  14. screw bootleneck !! ...just tell me in simple words will the 550ti fit the motherboard or no !!! i am a noob i dont get complicated words :/
  15. @sunnk - i dont want ati !! it suckzz !! i like nvdia !! i just want to know will the 550 ti fit and work with my motherboard or no ..(dont use the term "bottleneck")
  16. well no ati didnt sucks it is an good brand most of the people use ati cards there no damn such bigger issue of driver(poor thinking) i have now nvidia cards and i didnt get issues but if i m going with cards which is cheaper and gives me more performance i gave there hd 6790 because its better then that nvidia card gtx 550ti.gtx 550ti isnt better for its price doesnt worth it many people says that its an good card like most people are saying that fx 4100 is a good cpu like that i must say go with hd 6790 but its all up to you which ever you choose.

    for your question it will fit on that mobo just make sure you have enough space on the case.:)

    for no use of bottleneck:- you will see that your cpu will botlleneck in high high cpu dependent games then you will get whats bottleneck(i think you think that bottleneck is a crap but it isnt).
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