Transfer speed between 2 Gigabit Lan PC through Straight Cable Cat 6

Hi, I have a desktop and a laptop computer. both equipped with Gigabit Lan port... I connect them with Straight cable by assigning both computers IP address. I havnt use any switch or router between computers.... The problem is that my transfer speed is about= ~10MB/s..... As far i know the transfer speed should be around 70-80MB/s (125MB/s for Gigabit Lan)..... i cant figure out the problem.......... plz let me know the solution.......
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  1. Do the PCs both show a gigabit connection? How old is the laptop?

    It is likely you are only getting a 100Mbps connection, or the laptop hard drive is too slow and/or fragmented to transfer any faster.
  2. the laptop i got is Dell XPS 15 Core i7 Sandy Bridge and the desktop is equipped with Intel G41 Motherboard with Gigabit Lan..... When i connect the cable it show me 100Mb/s connection.
  3. wam9xx said:
    When i connect the cable it show me 100Mb/s connection.

    You just answered your question; you are not connecting at Gigabit speed. It could be a bad cable, or it could be a compatibility problem between your PCs.
  4. could it be a problem of type of cable...... i am using a straight cable.....what do you thnk a Cross Cable will be solution or not???
  5. The fact that you have a connection at all shows that at least one end supports Auto-MDIX, so a crossover cable should not make a difference.
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    both of you are wrong
    i just done the hefty file transfer 1tb between two computer as i not yet got the gigabit hubs
    you need to use the gigabit crossover cable which it will use up to 4 pair of the cat 5 or cat6 wire
    Gigabit T568A crossover

    when i use the ordinary crossover its hitting 10.7mbps and it took forever, i switch on whole night only done 500gb
    the rest of the data i create the Gigabit T568A crossover and it copying at 75-85mbps
    same pc same card just different cable. if u dont have the network tools u can cut the middle of cable and pair them up with taps.
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