ATI drivers for HP workstation xw6000 VGA card radeon 9600

i have a HP workstation xw6000 with a ATI Radeon 9600 PRO VGA Version 1.08.03, i cant play games, listen to music nor watch video. please recomend me for the graphics to download.
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  1. Well first off you can't down load a graphics. You can install a graphic card but your PC uses the AGP slot and most of those card are hard to find. Your PC was not intended for gaming.

    And I believe you need a sound card but I could be wrong on that. I would not put any money into this rig. I would look for a better PC. I found your PC info on line. I will link you to it.

    You might want to put it on your desk top or put it on a disk. I do wish you the best of luck on this one.
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