Best possible choice for CPU + GPU under 500$.

As the title says.

Is it in your opinion a i5-3450 + HD 7950, a i5-3570K + HD 7870 or maybe a phenom 965 + GTX 670???

I am interested in everyone's thoughts.

CF or SLI is a nono as i ve had bad experiences with that in the past. I ve only tried CF and i hear SLI is better in terms of microstutter but i wouldnt want to dive into that.

Cheers ;)
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  1. After the recent price cuts you can find a GTX 670 for 360$ so... in my opinion the best combination is a Phenom 1055T + GTX 670.
  2. Hmm, interesting combo (1055T + GTX 670). However i m pretty sure that the 1055T would bottleneck the 670.

    Not entirely sure though. Feel free to expand on that.

    Edit: It seems that the 1055T isnt currently available in my region. :(
  3. i5 2500k And a 7850, I guess.

    Though if you want value for your dosh, I second the 1055T, but would recommend a 6950.
  4. 2500K + 7850 feels decent but we could pump it a lil bit more as it comes at a 440$ price point.

    Sadly the 1055T is not sold any more here, so i could do with an alternative to it.

    I am not informed well about 1055T. Does it overclock well/easy?

    Has Nvidia really dropped the price on GTX 670? Cannot find evidence of that anywhere.
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