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Intel HD 2000 - NFS Most Wanted, shadow disabled


My system specs:

Intel core i3 - 2100 @ 3.1GHz
500 GB HDD Samsung
1GB Intel HD 2000 graphics (on board)

When I go to graphics options of NFS Most Wanted I see shadow details and AA disabled. Now I know that Intel HD 2000 doesnt support AA but, I can turn on shadows in NFS Pro Street. Any way to do the same for Most Wanted?
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    You're probably out of luck unless you get a graphics card. The intel HD 2000 simply isn't designed for gaming, it probably doesn't support a feature necessary to get shadows to work in that particular Need for Speed game. Even if you could turn shadows on, you would take a huge performance hit that would likely make the game unplayable. You can try to get the latest driver for the HD 2000 and see if that helps, but Intel's driver support on their integrated graphics isn't that great.
  2. that's really sad. Coz, even though I know and is quite evident, that intel HD 2000 isn;t made for games, even game like NFS pro street works fine with around 30 FPS with medium settings.
    Neways, I was looking for a decent GFX card. Can you suggest me one? How is nvidia GT 520 or Radeon 5450?
  3. The GT 520 and the 5450 are the absolute bottom end graphics cards, geared more towards video playback and basic display rather than gaming. They are better than the HD 2000, but not by much. If you want to do gaming on your PC you will want to get something better than those two. I'd need to know more about your power supply, like a make and model to have a better idea of which cards you can get, or if you're going to have to upgrade your power supply as well in order to get a decent video card.
  4. 6670 at low res is a good cheap end card. 5770/6770 is a really good price/performance card and can game at 1080p no problem. The new 7750 is also quite good on the low end. From Nvidia you'd be looking at probably a 450 or 550 ti
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