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Ok so have an i5-750, gts250 512mb, 4 gb ripjaw ram, antec bp550 plus, ga-p55-ud2 mobo. Today I picked up a corsair ax 750, 8 gb of vengeance ram, dual gtx 460 768's. I installed everything. that went smooth. Pressed the power button and nothing. No bios, no windows. My LG monitor, not tv, goes into dvi power save mode. I have tried dual, single, every dvi port and nothing. Ok so lets put the gts 250 back in. OOOOOh yeah. it doesn't fire up now.
so power wise i am using one 6 pin off the double 8 pins. I have aread a lot of threads on this topic and this problem is common up until the gts 250 issue.
Should i be trying to flash the cmos? I have rad that a few places.
Also the 460's are really loud. Scares me like there is too much power going to them. ill take a pic and upload it asap.
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  1. Why did you pick up 2 GTX 460's? That board isn't SLI compatible (it's not mentioned on anyhow. It sounds like you aren't passing post, so first thing, replace the memory/reseat them. Is this 1600 Mhz memory we are talking about? Was your old memory FASTER than your new stuff/ where the timings different? If you didn't reset the memory to standard your board is trying to load the old memory timings. Clear the CMOS (I just pull the battery) for a minute and then try again. But only use one GTX 460. The second slot is only 4x and as I said, the board doesn't support SLI anyhow so no point in even installing it.

    PS: You can't flash a board's BIOS if it doesn't pass POST! :) Your PSU might also be a culprit, so if clearing the CMOS and re-seating/replacing the memory doesn't do the trick, then I think you need to replace the PSU while it's under warranty. I've had a few fail out of the box, but since your getting power to the video cards, it makes me think that isn't an issue.
  2. holy crap...i feel hella dumb....i know i read it can sli but as i search places i trust it i started a project for nothing. I picked up the 2 460 for 150$ and have seen nice benchmarks with em on bf3. yeah my ram is all 1600mhz.

    ugh im really frustrated right now....which means i would have to score a new mobo...which means i should just get a new case...which means i should just get a better chipset...dang it...thats another computer...this is why this is like drugs. Just one more thing. Think Ill just go back to my bp550, keep one 460. Sell the other one for about what i paid for the two. and spend my money on some new turtle beach.
  3. If I may make a suggestion, and this is what I did myself about a week ago, I dumped my 1055T and 990FX Sabertooth Motherboard (AMD underwhelmed me with the Bulldozer/990FX combo) and I picked up a nice i3 2100 (actually pretty good for gaming) and a gigabyte Z68MA-D2H-B3 for about $200 out the door and it's been great. The reason I suggest picking up that combo is 2 fold. 1) 1156 is outdated. I don't think they even make those chips since sandy bridge came out. 2) That motherboard can run SLI and is probably the cheapest you are going to find for a budget build. For about $200-ish you can get a damn good computer up and running and maybe you can recoup some of that cost and sell your old gear on line or upgrade a buddy on the cheap. I'm just throwing idea's out there, but if you want to get your machine up and running with SLI (and if I had 2 460's, I would definitely use them!) and cheap, this is the way to go. Also, according to the CPU hierarchy chart here on tom's, the i3 is better than the last gen i5 750. Just point that out.

    Last thing, you mentioned if you upgraded boards and all that, you would need a new case. Since you were/are running a microATX motherboard you would need a new case anyhow. No way 2 video cards, with sufficient spacing between them (usually one slot) would fit in a microATX case. I know some older motherboards (or newer, I don't want to do research at 330AM) did use that layout but from experience stacking video cards always results in higher temps. Anyhow, for a good and cheap case (if you were to go that route) is a Antec 300. I've used them in about 5 builds and you can score 'em for about $40 and are pretty good with lots of ventilation. Again, just wanted to throw my 2 cents and say you should finish this project off, in what I would call, the right way. And on the cheap. :D
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