Installing 3 monitors using an HD 6950 FLEX edition?

I just purchased and installed an HD 6950 FLEXedition graphics card on my Windows 7 Ultimate machine. My problem is simple. I have 3 monitors that I want to connect to the 6950 FLEX edition graphics card. I've searched on the web how on how I can do this using the FLEX edition capabilities but the only results I get are how to install 3 monitors in Eyefinity mode! It's frustating because
1) I purchased the FLEX edition so I didn't have to use the Eyefinity (with the DisplayPort)!
2) I spent over $700.00 on this graphics card and extra monitor!
3) The user manual that came with the HD 6950 has nothing about how to set up 3 monitors using the FLEX technology! Only Eyefinity!

Can somebody help me in this!?
Thanks in advance.
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  1. I think your confused Flex Technology is just a Marketing term, Lol its going to be using Eyefinity! i have the flex 6950
  2. Steve - The flex cards make it so you don't have to use an active DP adapter. They still use eyefinity for triple monitor gaming graphics. So you can hook up three monitors via whatever connectors are on the card and then configure eyefinity. The advantage of flex is that you aren't required to use a displayport when using 3 monitors.

    If you don't want to game on three monitors then you don't really need eyefinity. You should be able to just set up three monitors using Windows to extend your desktop.
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    The flex edition allows you to use three monitors without using an Active Display Port adapter or Display port monitor. Use the two DVI connectors and either the HDMI connector or one of the two mini display port connectors via a display port cable or passive adapter.
  4. Typically you have to decided between 2 DVI and a DisplayPort, or and HDMI DVI and DP, The cards dont normally support more than 2 HIGH bandwidth outputs, that being said in your case the card may be able to cope with this, all I can say is to make sure all of your displays are properly secured and if you are running a xfire config, make sure they are plugged into the primary card
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  6. Thanks everyone! I got it!
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