NZXT Phantom 200m side fan mod to fit Hyper 212 safe?

I was researching if it's possible to keep the side fan for the NZXT phantom while installing an aftermarket cpu, then I came across this :

As you can see, this guy broke off the tabs and wedge it in between the mesh and the case thus making just enough space to fit the CM hyper 212.

Can I get some expertise and opinion on this? Is the CPU too close to the side fan?

Honestly I don't mind ditching the side fan for a better cpu cooler but if possible and safe, I'd rather keep it.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. You could also consider mounting the fan externally, cover with a mesh ofc to save fingers,
    that would be easier than guesstimating the correct thickness of slivers to remove from the Fan tabs
  2. I just ordered the parts so I don't have it in hand yet to see how it's really built. But Modding the case like that seems like a lot of trouble for a beginner. Thanks for the advice though. I would rather just ditch the side fan entirely.
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    modding that way could be tricky for a newcomer yes, which is why I suggested the alternative, which is very easy to do, but no problem, just keep the fan somewhere safe and maybe one day you might feel like modding it up a bit :)

    I did one as an example in someone elses thread a while back, found the photo :)
    Glad to help man,
  4. Another quick question, what's the best way to configure the Hyper 212 fan?
  5. Two fans on it, both pushing air towards the rear of the case
    known in the game as a Pushpull setup as one pushes air through the Hs, the other pulls it
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  7. thanks a lot :D love this place, so fast responses.
  8. No probs man, its three Am here in the UK, but I'm just rolling on Toms :)
    Thank you for B.a., glad to help
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