Win2k Directx8 and UT

For some wierd reason the mouse lags badly... very badly in Unreal Tournament latest patch (I forget which it is)

My setup is:

Asus A7V 1005a BIOS
Generic 384MB SDRAM @ 100MHz (I know, it's gonna change)
10GB ATA/66 Western Digital
Win2k Pro w/SP1
Leadtek Geforce2 GTS 64MB
Newest VIA/4in1 and extra agp driver
AMD win2k agp patch
Directx8 for win2k
SBLive Platinum in PCI slot 3 with newest drivers
Generic PS/2 mouse that worked fine previously

otherwise it works great for OpenGL in AutoCAD 2000. I have no other way of testing the directx.

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  1. Just out of curiousity why do you think the new forum sucks?

  2. what vid card drivers are you using? i was using the leadtek version 6.31 and i had the same problem in UT. i switched to driver version 7.17 (also with dx8) and now UT plays like a charm
  3. The old forum allowed you to search for responses to your own messages. Which is partly the reason why it took me so long to reply

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  4. sounds like a BETA, but worth the while to check it out I'll keep you informed on how it works for me.

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  5. The Beta did do it's job but it screwed up the gouraud shading in AutoCAD. But I did find that Microsoft did address the problem and offered a regestry fix. The problem should also be fixed in the DirectX 8a. I used the reg fix and it works fine in both ACAD and UT.

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  6. Actually the problem ceased on my FIC AZ11 with the TNT2 Ultra. But it still persists with the A7V Geforce 2 combo. I call it such because when I swapped out the A7V for my Gigabyte board the problem still occured. I haven't been able to solve it or find out exactly whats going on. I've tried every NVidia driver up to 7.52. I've gone through 3 clean sweeps installing Win2k or WinME, I've tried SP1 for Win2K I've tried DirectX 7, 8, and 8a. I have changed the VIA 4 in 1's tried it without them, tried it with CAS2 RAM DAMMIT I even bought a USB mouse WTF is wrong with my computer!!!!

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  7. Went to Epic Games site and Dloaded newest DLL that's supposed to make the GeForce work... nope stil plays like sh!t.

    <font color=white> This new forum still sucks and btw so does </font color=white> <font color=red> ASUS </font color=red>
  8. I've got a a7v133, win2k. I had the same problem about 5 crashe/reformats ago.
    After about another 5 crash/reformats, I figured out the order you install drivers is what makes the difference.
    First thing I do is install the 4-in-1 drivers, without the ide busmastering drivers. I don't go near those anymore. The .inf and agp patch are the only two I go with, along with the msft ata-100 patch. Then the 6.50 or 7.42 detonator drivers, and lastly, the 4-in-1-agp/inf again.
    Turn on your fast writes and 4X, then give it a shot. I'm not sure what the deal was that first time; opengl completely rocked, but d3d was absolutely terrible. I think it gave me a headache just trying to get the mouse pointer around the config. menus.....Anyway, I get the same (~2) fps with opengl or d3d now. I hope the asus drivers get cleaned up soon.

    Linux or Win2k/Win98. stability or games. it's such a tough decision. I think I'll triple boot.
  9. shut off vertical sync on both open gl and d3d

    all problems solved

    thats why it lags does it in quake3 also
  10. Oh I forgot about this post and didn't update my findings. I f*cked up by clicking and dragging the driver files for my chipset and promise controller from winzip to windows explorer. I extracted them and all was well. Sorry for not replying and updating.

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