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is it possible to see and move files from a xp system to a windows 7 system?
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  1. More information would be helpful, but I'm guessing that you have XP on one partition and Windows 7 on another. If that's true, then you can move files from the XP partition to the Windows 7 partition just like you would copy back and forth between any two normal partitions.
  2. these are different computers on a net
  3. Oh, ok. You can do this by setting the XP machine's folder that the contains the files you want to copy to be a "Shared folder". Then, on your Win7 computer, open up My Computer, expand the "Network" section (in the left hand column at the bottom), expand the [name of your XP computer] section, and the shared folder should be there. You can click it, and view and copy files to/from it.
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