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Hey all,

This is my first time building. Done a LOT of reading on these forums, etc., but I really still need some advice. I'll use this build for picture management (amateur photography) and gaming (mainly Starcraft 2 and the future expansions on that series). Here's what I think I'd like . . .
i5-2500k processor
Asrock z77 Extreme 6
AMD 6870

Ok, so now my specific questions . . .
1. With this, do I need or should I even consider a water cooled system? Say, the Corsair h80or h100?
2. I am thinking of overclocking . . . can I do so with these components?
3. What would be a good case?
4. I have NO idea how to choose a PSU. Advice?

Yes, I am on a budget, ideally somewhere in the 700-1000 range. Please, any advice is appreciated. And if I'm overlooking some crucial thing that I've missed, please let me know!
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  1. 1. not really unless you plan to overclock the cpu and gpu a good amount
    2.yes you can, the 2500k is a very good overlcoker
    3. i often go to newegg's psu section and on teh bottom left there is a wattage calculator, put in your parts, it gives you an approx. wattage usage, get about 50-100 watts above it, and get brands like antec, corsair, ocz, and many people like rosewill or thermaltake, (with rosewill it really depends on what model, some are great some are garbage.)
  2. So as long as I can pay attention and get a good case with appropriate airflow, I won't need the extra water cooling. Sweet. And thanks for the PSU advice . . .
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    1. Are you going to overclock your CPU? If not, then you're good to go with the stock cooler that comes with it. You only water cool a system when you overclock stuff to the extreme.

    2. Definitely, you could overclock your CPU on that motherboard. But now that you've thought about overclocking I suggest you buy a decent cooling for your CPU. The Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo would be a good choice for that.

    3. For the case, considering you're on that budget range, I would take a look at the Antec One. I have this for my build and it's pretty good for the price! You could also take a look at the Corsair 300R which is a very good entry level case too.

    4. A good 500-600 PSU would be sufficient enough if you're not doing SLI or Crossfire. And in my opinion, having a modular PSU really makes building your system easier and would have a cleaner look since there's no bulk of wires that aren't going to be used. Take a look at the Corsair Enthusiast Series TX650M, that should be more than enough for your system. If you're ever going to have dual GPU's, just go with a 750W one.
  4. +1 on most of what setz added, just make sure you get a good aircooler, like the evo or even spend a bit more and get a higher end one, and also, make sure your case has good airflow as well, just because the heatsink is good, doesnt mean it can push ALL the air through your case, and without good airflow it only pulls preheated air through and wont do its job.

    you dont nessisarily need a super high end case either, many 50-70$ cases have excelent airflow, like the CM HAF 912 (60$)

    and if you plan to upgrade, think towards the future, will the psu handle
    A. overclocking, B. upgraded or new gpus, and C. lots of new case fans, fan controllers, hard drives, optical drives, sound or network cards, any of that stuff. it all needs power, and while individual parts like that dont use much, it adds up.

    and the 50-100W i suggested is mainly for headroom for your current spec, if you want to upgarde you need the appropriate wattage for those upgrades, otherwise you can overstress the power supply, and the 50-100W wasnt for that pupose, it is only in case it cant actually handle what it is supposed to (mainly only with low end brands)

    also pay attention to hwo much amps are on the 12v rail, more is generally afer for your parts as teh rail can handle more. not as much of a problem with low end parts but you plan to upgrade and the parts you have already should need a little bit more than SOME PSUs have. dont get one with like 15 amps on the rail.
  5. Thanks for all the help! I hope to start ordering within the next week.
  6. good luck on your new computer!
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