Three Monitors With GTX 560 Ti

I know I can't use three monitors for one game without SLI and I understand. I'm not interested in any surround feature, I just want to use the extra monitors for forums and such. The problem is that no matter how often I restart my computer, the third monitor (the one connected through the mini-hdmi port) isn't being recognized at all on startup. Even stranger, I can disconnect one of the DVI monitors, start up the computer with only the mini-HDMI and one DVI monitor connected, then plug in the second DVI Monitor after Windows has started and Windows will recognize the second DVI monitor but at no time will the mini-HDMI monitor be recognized. It just always says "Check Signal Cable"

Anyone know why?

The card is a MSI N560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr II GeForce GTX 560 Ti
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  1. Then why can't I even connect the Mini HDMI + 1 DVI monitor? When I do it just recognizes the second DVI port even if there's nothing plugged into it.

    Also, this page says three monitors supported.
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