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Hello forums,
I have just recently built a pc and am looking into buying a new one and was wondering if you guys could price it for me.
What's in it: i7 2700k, asus P8Z68-v pro mobo, Asus GTX 570, 750GB seagate drive,120GB ocz vertex ssd, lite on 24x burner optical drive, coolermaster hyper 212 evo cooler, kingston hyper x genisis 8GB dual ddr3 ram, 750W OCZ ZT fully modular psu and coolermaster 922M case.
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  2. ^Yep. We're here for expertise, not to be your calculator.
  3. kajabla said:
    ^Yep. We're here for expertise, not to be your calculator.
  4. well i just wanted to know if i could make any money from it.
  5. Oh, definitely. It's almost completely up-to-date and should be worth something fairly close to the retail value of its parts. What kind of condition is it in? What's prompting you to sell a great build like this, if you don't mind my asking?
  6. its in mint condition and i was just gonna upgrade to ivy bridge.
  7. all you have to do is switch the cpu. everything else can stay the same. however you do have to upgrade bios with your sandy bridge first
  8. my mobo does not support ivy bridge and i just wanted to know a good asking price.
  9. it does support it. its a z68. you just need to update bios first.
  10. well would you know of a good asking price for my computer?
  11. Atleast 900$
  12. Whoops, I'm from England. I mean at least 1200$
  13. There's absolutely no reason to upgrade to Ivy now if you're just gaming. The 570 is definitely your bottleneck. A 3770K would only be marginally faster in any application, and in gaming it would make no difference at all. Save your money.
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