Nvidia Geforce GTX 550 ti 1gb vs 3gb

I've just bought GTX 550 ti 3gb to upgrade from gt 430. all the reviews i read only seem to refer to 550 ti 1gb type. can anybody tell me the pros and cons of the 3gb version and what would it be comparative with ?
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  1. There won't be much difference between 1GB and 3Gb if you are not in a very high resolution..

    P.S - I have never heard about 3GB GTX 550 ti.. :D
  2. is your card like this?
    difference: not much.
    imo, pros:
    vram intensive apps will benefit ever so slightly from the extra gbs of vram.
    might come in handy in sli if microstuttering is not a major issue.
    decent upgrade from a gt 430.
    low end physx, cuda, 3d vision card.
    ... can't come up with anything else atm.
    gpu will likely choke long before being able to properly use 3 gb of vram. current more powerful gpu like 7970 properly uses 3 gb vram.
    extra vram increases power consumption.
    3 gb cards are usually costlier than 1 gb ones.
    lower price, performance, efficiency ratios.
    possibly get outperformed by a radeon hd 6790 or a 6850.
  3. thanks for taking the time to answer,
    cheers :wahoo:
  4. thanks, i'm running windows 7 on an AMD phenom 2 840 x4@3.2. just upgraded from 4 gb of ram to 16. plus the gtx 550 ti 3gb card as mentioned.
    will the 16 gb of ram make much difference ? i'll mainly be using this pc for blender and stop motion model animation.
    i saw it written the 550 is not a gaming card so what is it good for ?
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    for rendering, the ram upgrade should help.
    nvidia released the 550ti to compete against amd's radeon hd 5770 and 6770. nvidia needed a replacement for their older gts 450.
    i wouldn't call it a gaming card, but it can play games at 1650x1080 resolution over 30 fps. it can handle some games at 1920x1080 resolution.,2892.html
  6. Thanks again
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