Upgrading Older System, Best Bang for My Buck?

I'm looking into upgrading my current computer, but I'm not sure exactly where I would benefit the most. I do a lot of gaming, FPS and RTS mostly.

I'm currently running;

Asus P5K Pro MB
C2D E8400 OC'd to 4.0ghz
4G Ram
ATI Radeon HD 4850 512mb
I run a Samsung 22" Monitor @ 1680x1050
Windows 7 x64

I just ordered a Samsung 128G SSD, since I'm thinking that's my biggest bottleneck.

What would give me the most bang for my buck on the upgrade path? I'd like to spend around another $400-500.

I honestly don't know how much the processor vs video card is making a difference, I don't have issues currently playing anything at all. I know my current MB is only SATAII, so I'm going to be throttling the SSD the ~18% or so.

I'm assuming the SSD will be the most beneficial, so if I need to do a full format/reinstall from scratch to replace my OS drive, I figure it's best to do any other configuration changes that will keep me running for another year or two now.

I honestly get confused because I don't need top of the line, but it's harder to distinguish value in the middle ranges of components.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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  1. Go for 2x4 GB for Ram, since ram is very cheap now a days.

    For the GPU go for something like a GTX 560 ti if you're not looking for anything top of the line. The 560 ti should run nicely; especially on a 1680x1050.

    For a CPU you may want to go with the i7 3570k, since you use it for mostly just gaming. But you would have to change you're MB, which might make it a bit more expensive.

    These thing should help you stay a bit futureproof.
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    Your location will also affect the best bang for the buck equation.

    If you happen to live near a Micro Center in the USA you can get a great deal of an i5-3750k with a good motherboard. And you'd have a bit of change left over for 8 GB of RAM.

    That'd come to $324.97 for all three.

    Otherwise, it'll be location dependent. I'd agree with iTare: more RAM and a GPU the GTX 560 ti or a Radeon 7850 (whichever is one sale for the least amount).

    Edit: fixed links
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  4. Thrin:

    Thanks a ton! I have a friend that goes to school in Cambridge Mass, which has a MicroCetner, and he comes home for the weekends. I had him pick up the i5-3570k + Asrock Z77 Extreme4 that you suggested from MicroCenter. I bought 2x8g ram from Newegg and finished the build a few hours ago. Now I just have to wait on a deal on a video card. With the new SSD drive, this thing is just unbelievably fast.

    Thanks so much for your help!

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