Bought HAF 912 case. It doesn't power on.

I received the case from Newegg yesterday and I had some trouble at first since this was my first time doing this. I took everything out my ASUS CM5571 and I installed everything according the manual. First of all when I was working within the case, I saw some plastic fragments. I didn't know where they came from until I popped off the front to see that the pieces were supposed to hold the power/reset buttons in place. I tried to press the power button and nothing came on. The motherboard stand by light was on. I thought I hooked up all the case connectors correctly. I did RMA it to Newegg but for a refund. Could the power button be broken because when I pressed the button it didn't make the normal clicking sound. The button went all the way down. Also, I did put everything back into the factory case that it came with and everything is working fine.

PS: 450W XFX Core Ed.
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    It could be broken.

    Is there a smaller panel that the power button is attached to that can be pried off? Some cases have an inner panel under the power button, with a short wire running from the power button to that panel that isn't connected when the case ships. The normal cord that runs from the power button to the motherboard is connected to the other side of that inner panel. If you just plug that into the motherboard, the system won't power on because the power button isn't actually connected yet.

    good luck!
  2. I honestly don't remember as I just shipped it out today. I might order another. I don't know yet.
  3. Bought another one. All is well. Thank you.
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