What video card will work with my asus a8ae-le mother board?

I want to hook a second monitor and at times just use my 27" tv to watch movies vis an s video cable. What graphic card is recommended? My mobo is an ASUS A8AE-LE. Also do I need to replace the 300 watt power supply?
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  1. what are you running the existing monitor off of ? and what are you using it for ?
  2. Existing monitor is running off of the motherboard. I would like to use my 27" tv for movies thru an s video cable. So I need to add a video card.I think I am going to have to upgrade the PSU as well.
  3. you don't need a powerful card to do that. i just got a 5450 and run an HDMI cable from it. ( 939 motherboard ) whether you can run 's' cable off it I don't know. you'll have to look at specs of card. if not look at something as inexpensive. no need to upgrade power supply for low end card.
  4. I have 2 ways to hook up to my tv set. "S" video, or RCA. I have neither on my computer at this time. Also at times I would like to run 2 monitors. If the tv is one monitor, that would be great, but I need to rearrange my office to do it. I appreciate your help and advice. Would you suggest a card that would work for me? As stated above, the mobo is Asus A8LE-LE, and I have a PCIe X16 slot empty.
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