Is the power supply sufficient?

Hello, its my first time building a computer and i was wondering if the current power supply would be sufficient enough for this build. i am trying to keep this build around $500. Also if you recommend parts i prefer that it be from tiger direct as there is one near by. sorry if this is in the wrong category.

Current build in mind
PSU: 650W
CPU: Athlon II x3
SSD: OCZ Vertex plus 120gb
RAM:Crucial Balistic 4gb
GPU:Zotac 550 Ti 1gb
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  1. That is plenty of power for that system. It will work just fine.
  2. You are looking at probably a 350W build max. a good 450W PSU would be plenty.

    Don't get the one you picked though. its only rated 460W on the 12V rail and that alone tells me its a bad brand. Look for Corsair, seasonic, OCZ, XFX, PC Power and Cooling etc to find a decent PSU. Crap ones can take your system out with them.
  3. Sorry, yes that's the right CPU. An improvement over the AMD CPU for a few dollars more.

    The MSI board is probably good. They used to make boards that died after a few years, but I have used them in several AMD builds over the last 3 years and they are still holding up... I try to recommend ASRock first, if possible.

    Unskol is totally right about your power usage. I was just being a bit lazy there. Choose the 500W version if it saves you money, choose the 600W if you hope to make big upgrades over the next few years.
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