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just replace my 5770 card to a 6970 sapphire card, and now my eyefinity will not work on my third screen
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    Hi Yogi - Could you please give more specifics? What monitors are you using? What kind of connections are you using (DVI, VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort, MiniDisplayPort)? Are you using an ACTIVE displayport adapter? What type is it?
  2. Also - Did you uninstall the drivers and then install the latest drivers when you upgraded your card? Whenever changing cards even if its the same brand, I always uninstall the old drivers first, then install the new graphics card, then install the latest drivers. I do that to avoid potential driver problems but am not sure if that's applicable to your problem.
  3. I'm using 2 dell 24 inch monitors. 1 24 inch LG monitor. All using DVI connectors and 1 mini active display port.
  4. found a defected display adapter,ty for your time :D
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  6. hey were u trying to plug on ur third screen ? an HDMI ? cause thats what i pluged it on but the resolution sucks , and what does the defective display adapter help with ?

    answer as soon as u can please :D
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