Just installed gtx680 and WoW having issues

Hi, I will try to see if I get any more answers in this section for my issue. So here it is:

I have installed my Asus gtx680 and all lookes to be running well. I installed the latest drivers (through CD as well as via device manager) and I have the correct PCI-e pins connected.

I first booted up Aion to test out the card. I put all settings at MAX and the game looks amazing. My fps was easily above 60 and I have no issues, freezes, lag, etc. PLayed for a little without any issue. Great success.

I then tried to pop into WoW. As soon as I got past the loading screen and in game, everything froze. My setting were at "Good"(do average/mid settings) as I was using my CPU graphics until I got this card. When I finally managed to get to task manager and close everything off I changed the settings to "low" and logged back it. No issues. I then tried to turn the settings up to "fair" and all worked ok. As soon as I tried to put it back on "good" it froze again. I could hear the in game sounds sometimes, but the image was frozen.

As for my WoW game client: everything is up to date and current. I am really at a loss, especially because I am able to play Aion without a hitch.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)
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  1. You are going to hate me, but you may have to re-install WoW, yes, all of it :)
    22.3Gb as it stands on my rig atm :(
    remember to make a list of your addons, username/password etc before you do though as you will have to re-install any adds you may have
    before you do that though, try the manufacturers site for driver updates,
    the Cd in the box is rarely current and I'm not sure where windows dev.manager gets updates from,
  2. Hey Moto - if it works, I will love you long time. I have read a couple of forums suggesting this course of action, but can u tell me WHY? I am just curious....

    Also, my drivers are all up to date. I confirmed this this AM. When originally installing drivers I used the CD then used Device Manager to search for any updated drivers onlline. I am using the current version for sure.
  3. I've moved WoW drives over several builds to save the dreaded re-install and sometimes its just unavoidable,
    the info in your wtf file as to your hardware seems to be a little narky with too much alteration from what it 'knows'
    I have WoW on a separate drive from my O/s as I would suspect you have
    Man/Woman up, grab a beverage and dig out those disks, or DL from blizz directly, faster and cleaner install plus you aren't loading up a load of old stuff unnecessarily
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