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Looking to buy some fan filters to keep my fans from being as dusty, I was curious which would be a good choice for a filter? also prob looking into getting a new case to keep my comp cool. I'm on a budget of around 60-80 bucks for a tower, and I assume filters shouldn't be too much.

appreciate the help a lot! thanks
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  1. I got my case filters here:

    The company is run out of South Africa but is very helpful and courteous and I also received the filters in a much shorter time than I had expected considering the distance involved. They will custom build filters to your specifications and even have pre-made filters ready for a variety of cases (I got 3 pieces of the full set for the Corsair 600T, didn't need filters for my exhausts). If I remember right I only paid like 30-40 bucks maybe with shipping?
  2. Hi :)

    The trick with filters is....they MUST be WASHABLE...

    All the best Brett :)
  3. I had no problem washing them, but boy do they ever get dirty fast! They also attach to your case using magnets so you don't need tape or anything, which is a plus.
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