Got Most of My Parts, Just Deciding on Ivy Bridge CPU/IGP

Approximate Purchase Date: Next Week, possibly two weeks, but it's for my birthday (on May 20th)

Budget Range: $600 Canadian MAX (I'm hoping that will be after tax, and so I far I believe it will be)

System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming, I'm hoping for High on most games. my current build can't run GTA IV or BF3, so idk what those games are in terms of graphical settings, but I'm pretty sure in BF3, there isn't TOO much of a difference for settings, so medium will probably suffice.

Parts Not Required: mouse, keyboard, OS, monitor, probably case (I'll probably use my existing case for a little while, until I see a nice sale, cuz I mostly just want performance right now), and for now, my graphics card (AMD Raedon HD 5670, w/ 1GB of GDDR5)

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: and (.CA! lol yes, Canadian ;))

Country: Canada

Parts Preferences: Intel (I only need help choosing the CPU


SLI or Crossfire: Maybe

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

Additional Comments: Ok, so here's what I currently have selected:


RAM: I only need 8GB (two sticks), but my mobo has 4 slots, there won't be any issues with having two unused slots will there?

Power Supply:

Now for my real dilema...
So I really want a board with Lucid's virtu MVP technology so I can use BOTH the IGP AND my discrete card (I may be upgrading to a HD 7570 in the near future), so my last deciding factor is which CPU to get. I want to know if there will be a significant improvement in the intel HD 4000 over the 2500, or if I should just settle for the 2500. The reason being, I don't plan on overclocking (if I DO, it will only be like 100-200MHz, so I don't think that's really considered much of an "overclock"). So here's the three CPUs I'm looking at:

MY PREFERENCE, due to lowest TDP, the i5 3450S: with Intel HD 2500

My Next choice, due to cheap price, the i5 3550: with Intel HD 2500

And finally, I don't need it for overclocking, but for its IGP, the i5 3570K: with Intel HD 4000

I'm not gunna overclock, but is the intel HD 4000 worth the extra money, so should I buy the i5 3570K over the 3450S or the 3550? I have a discrete graphics card (AMD Raedon HD 5670, possibly getting a HD 7570) and will be using Lucid's Virtu MVP to utilize both the IGP and the discrete card.
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  1. Fort gaming it doesn't matter, the IGP will only be used for video stuff, it won't be like a hybrid graphics setup. If your not overclocking then get the 3550 (or 2500k for HD3000).
  2. See that's what I figured too, but then there is some tech news sites and some videos (from ASUS and Lucid Logix) that say, "it can dynamically assign specific tasks and render specific objects based on the most appropriate GPU." It seems like they're algorithim is to delegate which GPU should process what parts of the game. But then there's other videos and articles that say it just dynamically SWITCHES between the IGP and the discrete GPU depending on if you're transcoding video or doing 3D gaming. But again, I've seen videos and read articles stating WHILE doing 3D gaming, it can utilize the IGP to help boost performance.
  3. It's really down to budget then, if you have the money then get the 3570k but If you could save lots then get the 3550. I remember seeing a review on the effect of ludic logix thing on games and there's not much improvement, like 5fps at the most, I think that review was on Tom's actually
  4. yea, the only problem with the reviews, is they generally seem to be on really good builds, and the MVP works best on boosting lower-end systems to playable levels. When you're already achieving 60+ FPS then there generally isn't much of an improvement seen. Anyways, here's something directly from Lucid, which clearly indicates that BOTH will be used, if you plug your monitor into the IGP, then it handles all the synchronization and video output and buffering, while the discrete GPU focuses on actually rendering the game.

    and ok, well I really don't want to spend the extra money on the 3570K, especially since I won't be overclocking, so again I ask, do you think the HD 4000 will provide enough of a boost in performance to justify the extra ~$40?
  5. For $40 less I'd get the 3550 and spend some or all of that $40 on buying a better 'real' graphics card.
  6. lol, ok, well this still hasn't answered my question, perhaps I shall ask in another section, but I just wanted to know if the HD 4000 would provide a worth upgrade over the intel HD 2500, because the Lucid Virtu MVP DOES, use both GPUs, so both my current "real" graphics card (as you call it) shall work with my "fake"? IGP.
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