My amd 7750 2.7 ghz heat is to damn high

hi guys
I had an AMD athlon 64 3800+ 2.4 ghz with a heatsink and fan with 4500 RPM
just bought amd 7750 2.7 ghz dual core with a heatsink and fan with 2200 RPM but it's a bit bigger

and I opened my case side and put a fan in front of it
the problem here is the heat in idle is 50-60
and while playing the max heat reaches 90 this is using speed fan and dunno what to do now I'm afraid of playing any game right now
& another problem
I tried playing games
ASSASSIN'S Creed revlations they works more than perfect on highest
but after playing about ten minutes of any game of them
the game freezes and the sound repeats and then a red or blue dots fill the screen sometimes I have to restart or alt+tab and have to set them to lowest settings to give me some time to play
help my please guys

I made a computer engineer install it for me

he put it to the socket then put on the paste then the heatsink and fan

please guys help me this can't wait
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  1. do you know exactly what heat sink it is? also, how many fans do you have on your computer and how are they arranged?
  2. Sounds like you have really bad heat issues inside your case. You may want to open the side to let more air in if its not already opened. What kinda heatsink is inside your computer? You may want to youtube how to remove the heatsink to to check how much thermal paste this "engineer" put if its to much or to little. Also if your heatsink has fans attached to it check to see if they are working "plugged in" Thats all I could think of off the top of my head. You should do the thermal paste yourself because people could just switch the heatsink and leave the old paste on or add more too the old paste which is bad. Anywho GOOD LUCK!
  3. F or C?
  4. it's C not F
    and I have only the cpu fan my GPU have it's own heat sink
    and I opened the case side and put a big fan in front of it
    I do it from the old CPU the heat sink wasn't so stable it have a piece that was set for 0 angle no I made it 90 and the heat sink is so stable and the heat in idle is always about 48-51 for core 1 and 40-48 for core 2 is that good ?

    and sorry for bad English I am from Brazil
  5. I added my latest fan
    but have a problem with games

    when I play for a while
    the game freeze and the sound starts looping and a red or blue dots appear and I have to restart or alt + tab
    any way to fix this
  6. Have you updated your video cards driver to the latest version? If it is, is your graphics card overclocked? Your graphics card overclocked to far it might be unstable at higher temps.
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