Apple iMac G3 Rebuild!


My gf was talking about those old 1999 iMacs the other day and saying how great they are etc, personally i'm completely indifferent to Macs in general but it did get me thinking...

How hard would it be to crack one of these old babies open and insert, say, a mini-ITX board and hook it up to the inbuilt crt?

Very odd and specific question I know but it could make a very cool present.

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  1. You would have to use a crappy 15' monitor. I think that ruins it. Also, Apple customized this insides of those extensively--it will be very difficult to work with. If you are really adventurous and wanted to try it for her I would get one of the third generation imac (the graphite or/funny blue pattern ones).

    You are better off making a fishtank out of an imac (I know that that has been done a few times). A rebuild is possible, but still relatively difficult with a Mac Pro or the Mac Cube if you really want to make a hackintosh.
  2. I am thinking of doing the exact same thing right now...

    Yank the old CRT out and replace with LCD, maybe even touchscreen.
    Stick a fatty CPU and hellaRAM on some little miniITX board.
    Oh yea... sexy. :love:
  3. like what was said before it is possible deppenting on how deep you wish to go the only problem i am having on mine is how to mod a video port from external to internal so i dont have to run my video cable outside the case
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