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Ok, so here is the background information to my problem. I just built a new rig:

Intel Core i7 3930K, No OC
Asus Sabertoth X79
16 GB DDR3-1600 G-Skill Ripjaws

BIOS has been updated. I installed Catalyst 12.2 I can play dolphin - the gamecube emulator running DX11 no problem. But when I am just browsing through folders or surfing the internet, the card keeps:

Display driver has stopped responding and successfully recovered. It keeps doing that, only when I am just doing normal things like browsing the internet, facebook or whatever. Or if I am searching through folders.

....Now. When I turn off Windows Aero, it doesnt do that at all, no problem whatsoever. It only does that with Aero on just doing peanuts tasks, but not when Im playing a game. Why is that????

My card is HIS Radeon 7970. No OC
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  1. Update: I turned on Windows Aero. Then turned off the Glass effect but left all the other effects on and it doesnt happen. But it does when I turn the glass effect back on. Why is that?
  2. Looks to be incompatibility with the drivers.
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