Upgrade to Ivy Bridge or wait for Haswell

So my current build is:

CPU - Phenom X4 965 BE
Mobo - M4A785TD-V EVO
GPU - HIS HD 7970 IceQ X²

I'm pretty my 7970 is being bottlenecked by the cpu so I want to upgrade it but was wondering whether I should upgrade it (probably to i5-3450) or to wait until Haswell processors are released?

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  1. Depends on if the X4 965 provides you with enough performance at this point in time.

    My Q9450 is basically equivalent to the X4 965 and I find that the performance is still adequate enough that I am not going to upgrade until Haswell is released. Ivy Bridge will be a significant upgrade. Assuming the same clockspeed, Ivy Bridge CPUs provide on average 29% better performance than the Phenom II X4 and Core 2 Duo / Quad series.

    Haswell's performance is unknown. 10% over Ivy Bridge is a safe assumption, but some believe it was be as high as 25% better... I wouldn't hold my breath on that one.
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