I tried to sli a

MSI 460 GTX 1GB Cyclone with a


It did not work. I tried every combination of ports and still did not work on my 980-g65 msi borad. I have a corsair tx850W PSU which can defiantly handle the load. Both cards work fine on their own in any of the 3 PCIE slots, but SLI'd they do not work. I have hybrid sli disabled and everything is the BIOS is how it should be. The only thing I can think of that could be casing the problem is:

Is it not working because the MSI card has a 256-bit memory interface and the Geforce has a 192?

Are different brands just incompatible? I've never heard that before?

Can you suggest a card that will work??
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  1. They both are 1GB!!
  2. Double check the SLI Bridge for any Wear/Tear/Bend. You can also try different placements. (Switch the two cards and then try to SLI them.)

    It may be an incompatibility between different sub-types of graphic card. But normally it should work.
    Did you enable SLI in the BIOS and in Windows?

    Hope it helps! :)
  3. LOL they both are 1GB I POSTED THE EVGA official description and yet you still don't believe. Regardless I now know why they're incompatible.
  4. SO regardless what evga product description is you're right? :non:

    This is funny k thx
  5. I get that it was just the fact that you were arguing that 192 bit can ONLY be from 768mb
  6. Quote:
    Are you being completely stupid? im correct my friend.
    You CANNOT SLi 192-bit with 256-bit even if they are both 1GB.

    But I heard that SLI only use the first card's VRAM, so as long the first card is 256-bit, you should be fine, no?
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