2500k or 3570k

If money is an issue, get whatever is less expensive. If not, then get the most current.
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  1. The title says it all.the cpu will be for gaming and i will overclock to atleast 4Ghz
  2. it's not that money is an issue it's that if i get the 2500k the i will be able to get a better gpu which right now is the gigabyte 670
  3. ok thank you
  4. Huh? I'm not understanding your concern/issue. The only advantage that the 3570k buys you is PCI 3 when paired with the right motherboard.
  5. well i do want to OC it more than 4 that was just a refrence
  6. If you want to really push your overclock (4.3Ghz+), go 2500k. If you want a mild overclock (4Ghz or less) and like the added power efficiency go 3570k.
  7. that still sounds like a money issue?
  8. not really im just seeing if the 3570k if worth the extra $15
  9. I would recommend the 3570k. The 3570k will run slightly faster at the same clock rate and it is more power efficient. The drawback is that is overheats faster, causing it to have a lower max overclock. You can overcome this drawback by getting a better thermal paste. I have not seen a lot of reports on how well 3570k overclocking is with better thermal paste, so I don't know if you can reach the same frequencies as the 2500k. Even without adding new thermal paste, either processors can overclock over 4.0 GHz.
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    Overclocking above 4.3ghz? Go Sandy bridge.

    If not, go Ivy.
  11. ok another question asrock extreme4-m or asrock extreme4
  12. Extreme 4-m is the Micro version, which is a small form factor. Go full size.
  13. k thanks
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